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OMEGA Vinyl Windows & Doors are ideal for High Efficiency. They will not  swell & allow for Smooth & Efficient operation in All climates. They are completely Maintenance Free & offer Superior Insulation while eliminating Condensation found in aluminum windows.
OMEGA Energy Efficient Windows & Doors include Dual Tempered Smart Glass, with a soft coating of Hybrid LowE2 on the glass interior. The glass is 1/8" thick with the space between the glass at 1" on the Sliding doors, 7/8" on the Tempered glass roof, 1/2" on the gabled ends & 3/4 " on the windows, transoms, & Kickplates. The Super Spacers are P-1 Tested to last over 120 Years.
OMEGA Room systems come 3" thick Thermally Broken walls, tempered dual LowE2 glass roof rafters at 4 1/4" & the solid 4" thick insulated walkable roof. The OMEGA rooms will not only keep you Cooler in the Summer & Warmer in the Winter, but they will also reduce the outside noise by up to 50%.
OMEGA Vinyl Windows & Door construction are fully Welded with mitered corners & come & come with Continuous weather stripping. All of these Features combine to provide your family with year around Comfort & Protection, keeping the heat in & the cold out.
OMEGA'S SMART GLASS does the thinking for you:
In the Summer Omega's smart glass keeps your room Cooler Rejecting the sun's Heat & Damaging UV. In Winter Omega's smart glass keeps your room Warmer by Reflecting the Heat back into your room.

The Omega Room


Competitors room
VINYL Windows SUMMER energy reduction ALUMINUM Windows
33% Total Solar 83%
70% Visible light (glare) 90%
14% Ultraviolet 73%
.36 Solar heat gain .85
  WINTER insulation performance  
.29 U Values 1.11
3.45 R Values .90
1.3 BTU Heat Loss per hour 1426 BTU