Standard Features                                      

bulletStandard 2" thick wall, R 15 insulation
bulletAll windows 24" wide and smaller are lift - out view window
bulletAll operable windows have 4 way adjustable rollers and can be locked into place
bulletAll window rollers are cadmium plated
bulletAll window handles are recessed for safety and convenience
bulletAll windows have CMBSOA approval for security
bulletAll windows come with full coverable, easy to remove screens
bulletAll windows have no cost option, in-sill night locks available
bulletAll dual glass is A-rated from A.L.I. Labs.
bulletAll walls have floor to ceiling structural mullions
bulletAll doors are standard 6' 8" tall
bulletAll bottom tracks are factory prepunched for drainage
bulletAll covered eave roofs have complete radius
bulletAll roof glazing is self adjusting
bulletAll roofs have internal weep systems
bulletAll roofs have variable slope capabilities
bulletAll rooms can attach as low as 8' @ 20' projections
bulletAll super span roofs have glass or solid uniglazing options
bulletAll beam roofs have 2' or 4' bay width as standard options
bulletAll solid roof are is super insulated to R - 22.
bulletAll components are structural tempered to T - 6.
bulletAll roofs have no rust aluminum exteriors
bulletAll uniglazing roofs have exclusive double seal glazing system
bulletAll rooms come with lifetime warranty

Available Options

bullet3" thick super wall insulated to R - 22
bulletRoof glass is available in: clear, tinted, or solar cooled
bulletGlass radius is available in: clear, tinted, or solar cooled
bulletOperation skylights & vents are available in 2' x 2' and 2' x 3'
bulletComfort control easy glide roof shutters
bullet3' x 6' 8" pedestrian door or 3' x 6' 8" French door
bullet6' x 6' 8" French doors or 6' x 6' 8" sliding door
bullet8' x 6' 8" sliding door
bulletDual glass in windows
bulletDual glass in kick panels (must be dual tempered)
bulletDual glass in French doors
bulletDual glass in sliding doors
bulletWindow muttins in dual glass French doors
bulletWindow muttins in dual glass sliding doors
bulletTinted gable ends or transoms
bulletTinted windows & tinted doors
bulletTempered glass in window
bulletElectrical raceway (Patented U. L. listed system
bulletLight switches, interior outlets, porch lights, GFI, exterior outlets
bulletSolar sunscreens - 45 bay windows corners
bulletDead bolts - Pet doors
bulletWeatherguard 4" roof insulates to R - 30 & spans to 20'
bulletSuper span beam insert spans to 22' on beamed roofs
bulletWeatherguard super span 6" roof insulated to R - 40

APPROVALS: ICBO, UBC, Nation glass code, California Housing Approval, C.M.B.S.O.A. Approved, A-Rated Dual Glass & U.L. Classified Patented Electrical Raceways.