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Patio Room - Features and Benefits



Proprietary licensed patio room windows and weep systems are designed exclusively for our insulated patio rooms
bulletWeathertight interlocks are fully weather- stripped to eliminate wind blow by
bulletMultilevel windows sills prevents water overflow even in the heaviest rain storms
bulletWater management system prevents your patio rooms from ever leaking, by the use of our integrated drainage channels though out the patio room's roof and wall systems
Patented electrical system allows you to place outlets practically anywhere in your patio room without unsightly conduit or extension cords.
bulletElectrical system is completely UL listed, safe, sane, and legal
bulletThe electrical raceways are nearly invisible vs. the bulky industry standards
bulletEach electrical system comes with a ground fault interrupter (GFI) maintaining high safety standards
bulletSystem flexibility allows for your personal design
Patio room Superwalls are an optional upgrade -- one of our best patio room upgrades available
bulletThe Super Wall has 50% more insulation against heat and cold
bulletNearly 50% stronger than the standard 2" thick walls
bulletMore aesthetically pleasing and are used in commercial patio room applications
Our Lifetime Limited Material Warranty is unbeaten by any other patio room maker. Your new patio room is warranted for life, as long as you own your patio room

It's simple -- the best patio room has the best warranty.


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